Writing by Bob Doto

Starting out in 2001 as both a writing tutor and high school substitute teacher, for the past twenty years Bob has been teaching and mentoring everywhere from public schools to punk warehouses to living rooms to online Zoom rooms and colleges. As a mentor, Bob has worked with writers, spiritual aspirants, yogis, teachers, knowledge workers, and everyone in between. These days, he teaches courses on zettelkasten, PKM, social media, and spirituality, and is currently a Building a Second Brain mentor. Bob has been blogging since 2003 and publishing zines on and off since the early 90s. He is the author of Sitting with Spirits: Exploring the Unseen World In the Margins of Christianity; The House of I Am Mirrors: And Other Poems; Acupressure For Beginners; and The Power of Stretching. You can stay up to date on his doings and goings by signing up for his weekly email “The High Pony: 'Really Good' Insights from a Modest Perch.” For everything else >> bobdoto.computer